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Contact Info

Varsity Coach:
Don MacQuarrie
640-3211 | email

Junior Varsity Coach:
John Jones | email

Freshman Coach:
Jim Rey
233-2491 | email

Athletic Department

Steve Farbstein
Athletic Director: email

Pam Collins
Athletic Secretary: email

Phone: 492-3139


2015 Varsity Baseball (Updated Jan 7 '15)

2015 JV Baseball (Updated Jan 20 '15)

Terra Linda did not field a frosh baseball team for the 2015 season.


Team Photo IMG_1144.JPG IMG_0222.JPG IMG_1029.JPG IMG_0207.JPG IMG_0665.JPG IMG_2082.JPG IMG_2208.JPG IMG_2541.JPG IMG_3170.JPG IMG_3135.JPG IMG_3431.JPG IMG_2776.JPG IMG_3533.JPG IMG_5174.JPG IMG_4062.JPG IMG_5472.JPG IMG_5445.JPG Bill Lee 4 Lee_Team_a DSC_6312c3.jpg DSC_6336c3.jpg DSC_6370c3.jpg DSC_6458c3.jpg DSC_6387c3.jpg DSC_6445c3.jpg DSC_6404c3.jpg DSC_6476c3.jpg DSC_6406c3.jpg DSC_6588c3.jpg DSC_6500c3.jpg DSC_6607c3.jpg DSC_6621c3.jpg DSC_6612c3.jpg DSC_6439c3.jpg DSC_6516c2.jpg DSC_6630c3.jpg DSC_6687c2.jpg DSC_6711c.jpg


DSC_0643-002.JPG DSC_0645-002.JPG DSC_0647-002.JPG DSC_0650-002.JPG DSC_0652-002.JPG DSC_0654-002.JPG DSC_0666-002.JPG DSC_0671-002.JPG DSC_0675-002.JPG DSC_0677-002.JPG DSC_0680-002.JPG DSC_0701-002.JPG DSC_0710-003.JPG DSC_0713-003.JPG DSC_0718-003.JPG DSC_0730-003.JPG DSC_0740-002.JPG DSC_0742-001.JPG DSC_0749-002.JPG DSC_0752-002.JPG DSC_0762-002.JPG DSC_0765-002.JPG DSC_0770-002.JPG DSC_0210.JPG DSC_0276.JPG DSC_0297.JPG DSC_0209.JPG DSC_0219.JPG DSC_0213.JPG DSC_0812.JPG DSC_0833.JPG DSC_0849.JPG DSC_0851.JPG DSC_0025.JPG DSC_0059.JPG DSC_0007.JPG

Full collection of game photos also posted at , print or dowload to your computer. easy to share

The VarsityPix website has been shut down



Game Updates Due to Weather

Varsity Roster 2014


No. Player Position Grade
1 Johathan Oranje INF, DH, Util Sr.
2 Rick Cuddy P, 2B Sr.
3 Sam Cutler P, INF, OF Sr.
4 Ian Kirk SS, 2B Sr.
5 Janny Munson 1B Sr.
7 Adam Rosso SS Jr.
9 Trevor Puccini OF Sr.
11 Nathan Vandervoort 2B Sr.
12 Grant Jones OF Sr.
14 Jake Dal Porto P, INF So.
16 Andy Bussey C, P Fr.
18 Andrew Licht (C) P, SS, C Sr.
20 Matthew Villasenor (C) 3B, OF Sr.
22 Chris Allen P, 1B So.
24 Alex Carr P, OF Sr.
26 Spenser Rey (C) 1B, DH, 3B Sr.


Head Coach:
Don MacQuarrie
Tony Blandino
Mike Brusati
Gary Gautier
Errol Tremolada
Steve Veveiros


Varsity Schedule & Results

all games begin at 4:30, unless otherwise noted

Date Game Results
 2/14 Sat Washington 10:30 am  scrimmage
 2/21 Sat @ De Anza 11:00 am scrimmage
 2/28 Sat @ Ygnacio Valley 12 pm  
 3/3 Tue @ Sonoma Valley 6:30 pm  
 3/7 Sat @ Tennyson 11:00 am   
 3/12 Thu @ Piner 3:30   
 3/17 Tue San Rafael @ Alberts Park 7:00 pm  
 3/20 Fri @ Drake   
 3/24 Tue Justin Siena   
 3/27 Fri Branson @ College of Marin  
 3/31 Tue San Marin   
 4/2 Thu @ Tam  
 4/7 Tue Redwood   
 4/10 Fri @ Marin Catholic   
 4/15 Wed Analy 4:30 pm   
 4/18 Sat @ San Mateo 12 pm  
 4/21 Tue Novato  
 4/23 Thu @ San Rafael  
 4/24 Fri Drake  
 4/28 Tue @ Justin Siena  
 5/1 Fri Branson  
 5/5 Tue @ San Marin  
 5/7 Thu Tam   
 5/8 Fri @ Redwood   

 5/12 Tue

5/14 Thu

Marin Catholic

@ Novato




Updated 12/2/2014

* denotes time or location change

Monthly Calendar

All events in the calendar are current (including schedule changes to-date).

To print the game schedule, click on the calendar month you wish to print and select the Print View icon to the far right.

JV Roster 2014


No. Player Positions Grade
1 Anthony Kenihan   So.
2 Nicholas Johnston   Jr.
3 Christefer Vallejo   So.
4 Christopher Perani   So.
5 Dom Bruciati   Jr.
8 Miguel Friedman   So.
9 Caelan Capelli   So.
10 Daniel Elmore   So.
11 Sebastian Norman   So.
12 Ryan Costan   So.
13 Maize Buchholz   So.
16 Benjamin Gideon   So.
17 Tyler Pryun   So.
18 Jake Dal Porto   So.
20 Jamie Shea   So.
23 Brody Warden   So.
36 Kenneth Staff   So.
tbd Jack Hubert   So.
tbd Noah Savelli   So.


JV Schedule & Results

all games begin at 4:30, unless otherwise noted

Date Game Results
 2/14 Sat Washington
(after Varsity)
 2/27 Frit DeAnza
3:30 pm
 3/3 Tue Sonoma Valley 3:30 pm  
 3/7 Sat San Marin 11:00 am  
 3/12 Thu @ Piner 3:30 pm  
 3/17 Tue San Rafael  
 3/20 Fri Drake  
 3/24 Tue @ Justin Siena  
 3/31 Tue @ San Marin  
 4/2 Thu Tam  
 4/7 Tue @ Redwood  
 4/10 Fri MC  
 4/15 Wed @ Analy 4:30 pm  
 4/18 Sat San Mateo NOON  
 4/21 Tue @ Novato  
 4/23 Thu San Rafael  
 4/24 Fri @ Drake  
 4/28 Tue Justin Siena  
 5/5 Tue San Marin  
 5/7 Thu @ Tam  
 5/8 Fri Redwood  
 5/12 Tu @ MC  
 5/14 Thu Novato  

Updated 12/6/14

* denotes time or location change

Frosh Roster 2014


No. Player Positions Grade
1 Heyner Gongora   Fr.
2 Jared Hirigoyen   Fr.
3 Prescott Sansing   Fr.
4 Connor Collins   Fr.
5 Everson Smith   Fr.
9 Patrick Wong   Fr.
11 Nathan Kertz   Fr.
12 Noah Navarro   Fr.
15 Hayes Norman   Fr.
18 Corey Swenson   Fr.
20 Nathaniel Cunnan   Fr.
21 Jack Lange   Fr.
23 Aidan Donlon   Fr.
24 Kamron Mehra   Fr.
25 Ben Hunter   Fr.
32 Andre Parkinson   Fr.
35 Freddy Ildefonso   Fr.
Head Coach:
Jim Rey

Ian Nelson


Frosh Schedule and Results

all games begin at 4:30, unless otherwise noted

Date Game Results

Updated 3/24/2014

* denotes time or location change